About Ted Brooks

Ted Brooks

Somewhat like Chance, Peter Seller's character from "Being There" who liked to watch, I like to listen...and talk!

My career in audio production goes back to my past life as a radio announcer/production guy; I then went through about 10 years of being a recording studio rat, where I produced award winning radio spots and then continued into multimedia and other high tech work, with many years experience in the speech business.

I started during the days of Ampex 440s and 1/4" to 2" analog tape, editing blocks, splicing tape and lots of razor blades. I was fortunate enough to be able to move into the digital world while it was still in its infancy and have gladly stayed there. These days I have much more powerful tools sitting right here in my computer than I ever envisioned when I started in this business.

I have done audio work for many Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Canon, American Airlines, British Air, General Motors, Boeing, etc. as well as small and medium sized companies, advertising agencies and production houses.And I am especially proud of all the educational and training work I have been involved in.

Specialties include voice-overs, either my own or directing a talent of your choice,writing/editing, directing, digital editing and mixing. I produce radio and TV spots,soundtracks for film/video and animations. I have a a large amount of expertise in working with IVRs, with much experience and a keen interest in working with concatenation. Because I work on both sides of the glass, I feel like I am an expert director of voice talent.

My newest interest is audio books, both fiction or non-fiction.

I am ready to discuss any type of project involving audio. I can also manage a project from its inception through completion or just jump in at any point in the production cycle to take care of your audio needs. My goal is to work within your budget and time frame. My studio has an extensive sound effects library as well as a production music library. Call me at 831-295-2339 and let's talk about making your project sound great!.

If you're interested, here is my Resume

I am a proud member of the South Dakota Rock and Roll Music Association. I was inducted in 2011 with the X-Men